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Can this concussion drug save football?

New York Post reporter Kirsten Fleming writes about a new drug being tested to treat concussions. According to the article, patients could take the drug nasally within minutes of initial head trauma. It claims to reduce post-concussion symptoms, such as dizziness, short-term memory loss, and chronic headaches.

Fleming interviewed HSS neurologist Erin E. Manning, MD, who offered her perspective on the potential treatment.

"It could be a game changer, but until I see data behind it, I'm going to remain skeptical," Dr. Manning said.

The article reported that the pharmaceutical company will begin clinical trials this year.

"It's hard for me to get excited about something that hasn't gone through the first round of human trials. There have been a lot of drugs that look promising in animal studies but, when it reached more extensive studies in humans, failed," Dr. Manning added.

Read the full article at nypost.com. This article also appeared in the January 9, 2018 print issue.