12:54 PM

Building Strength and Flexibility to Avoid Injuries

Carl M. Cirino, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS shares tips for building strength and flexibility while avoiding shoulder and elbow injuries. 

“An essential part of what we do at HSS is to help patients avoid injury. Many of my patients play baseball, tennis, pickleball, and squash. For baseball pitchers, we’re working with Major League Baseball, sports performance physicians, and physical therapists to improve injury prevention programs and return-to-play protocols and better understand the risk of single-sport participation year-round. We’re developing a good guide for young athletes that’s data-supported to minimize their future risks,” said Dr. Cirino. 

“I’m a big believer in flexibility and pliability to help prevent injuries. Many athletes do a quick warm-up or stretch before competing, but often, it’s inadequate. At a minimum, an adequate level of care should be performed (many can be found online), but injury prevention needs to begin earlier. I like to stretch when I wake up, and before sleep, so I have a head start when I work out. Maintaining flexibility with Pilates, yoga, or stretching is suitable for anyone, from overhead athletes to regular pickleball players, and helps maintain better balance,” explained Dr. Cirino. 

“Winter is an ideal time to develop core strength and incorporate a stretching program, which will pay off in the spring. Pilates and yoga are excellent ways to accomplish many of these off-season goals. They are renowned for enhancing core strength by targeting deep abdominal muscles, providing a stable foundation that improves overall body strength and control. Additionally, the emphasis on controlled movements and flexibility exercises in Pilates contributes to an increased range of motion, fostering better athletic performance while concurrently reducing the likelihood of injuries during various sports and physical activities,” said Dr. Cirino. 

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