11:02 AM

Brain Fog, Mental Clarity & Arthritis

In this Live Yes! podcast episode, experts including HSS rheumatologist Susan M. Goodman, MD discuss the effects of inflammatory arthritis on mental clarity and ways to deal with “brain fog”.

Dr. Goodman explained how certain arthritis medications can have an effect on mental clarity and “brain fog”, advising patients to be open with their rheumatologist. “I might think it’s the greatest medication on earth. And in fact, by many criteria it might be. But it may not be working for you. You have to have that open relationship,” said Dr. Goodman. She noted, “We don’t have specific treatments for brain fog itself. It’s a matter of eliminating things that may be aggravating it and trying to control the underlying disease.”

Dr. Goodman concluded, “Brain fog is very, very common. Sometimes it melts away when the disease comes under good control. I think it’s worth paying close attention to the simple things – it’s what everybody’s mother told them. Get a good night’s sleep, get plenty of exercise, and eat healthy food.”

Listen to the episode at liveyeswitharthritis.fireside.fm/32.