16:26 PM

Boxing Workouts: Health Benefits, How to Get Started, and How to Get Better

Everyday Health interviews experts including Osric S. King, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS about the health benefits of boxing workouts and how to get started. 

It’s no wonder boxing workouts have gotten so popular over the years. They offer a winning combination of high-intensity cardio, energizing music, and stress-busting punches. Whether you’re sparring with a boxing bag or shadowboxing, you’ll get a demanding cardio workout. “Being able to move your arms and feet takes up a lot of energy, so when you first start doing that kind of training, the first benefit that comes in is getting into better shape cardio-wise,” explained Dr. King.

One of boxing’s primary benefits is improved heart health, according to Dr. King . While individual results vary, you may see heart-health benefits in the form of improved fitness within a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that you’ll likely spend more time learning technique during the first few sessions, so the intensity of the workout may be lower at first, said Dr. King . You’ll still reap fitness benefits, though.

Punching can be an effective stress reliever. “You could almost mentally fight your way out of the stressful people or situations that occupy your thoughts,” said Dr. King. 

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