14:00 PM

Blue Jackets | Alexandre Texier’s development on hold while he recovers from back injury

The Columbus Dispatch reports on the recovery timeline of Columbus Blue Jackets’ forward Alexandre Texier, following a lumbar stress fracture.

James F. Wyss, MD, PT, physiatrist at HSS, who has not treated Texier, said Texier could be out for up to three months. “It doesn’t mean three months out from everything, but ideally, when I make that diagnosis, I like to gradually build them back up to their sport over a three-month period,” said Dr. Wyss. “A good thing about this is ... if it’s in a location and only on one side, then it has a very high chance of healing. And then, the likelihood of it recurring in a 20-year-old is low,” he added.

This article originally appeared at Dispatch.com.