15:52 PM

Best Exercises to Improve Dowager's Hump, According to Experts

Shape explains dowager's hump according to experts, a curvature of the upper spine most commonly caused by chronic forward leaning, and includes exercise tips for prevention and relief from Kelyssa Hall, CSCS, CEAS, exercise physiologist at HSS.

According to Hall, “Chin tucks can help to get the cervical spine properly lined up with the thoracic spine (aka the upper part of the spine), thus improving posture and neck strength.”

She recommended the cervical extension stretch to help improve mobility throughout the spine to help with alignment.

Scapular retractions are an exercise that focuses on opening up the shoulders and chest. According to Hall, that helps “get the shoulders relaxed and less rounded for better posture.”

Hall explained, “Thoracic extension is helpful for improving chest and shoulder mobility, thoracic spine (upper back) mobility, and overall alignment of the spine for better posture.”

Additionally, “Wall angels can help improve the alignment of the spine while strengthening the shoulder muscles and the muscles that support the [lower body],” said Hall.

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