07:00 AM

Barrack V. Haas: Patella Resurfacing: Rarely, If Ever, Necessary

In a recent Orthopaedic Crossfire debate for Orthopedics This Week, HSS chief of knee service Steven B. Haas, MD, argued that patella resurfacing during total knee arthroplasty is necessary.

"Initially not resurfacing the patella leads to higher revision rates and equal or more pain. So, why are we doing it? A meta-analysis (Nizard et al., CORR 2005) shows that un-resurfaced patellas had increased pain, greater reoperations, greater anterior knee pain," said Dr. Haas during the debate at the Annual Current Concepts in Joint Replacement (CCJR) Winter meeting in Orlando, Florida.

According to recent studies, Dr. Haas stated that non-resurfaced patellas required re-operation compared to those with a resurfaced patella.  

"If 3-5% [of patients] are going to go back, my patients are not going to be happy. I think that if you resurface them you're going to be happier with that result and not have to go back and re-operate," he said.

The debate was moderated by HSS surgeon-in-chief emeritus Thomas P. Sculco, MD.

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