13:15 PM

Back to learning: Tips to avoid a heavy load.

Brandpoint shares backpack safety tips for students heading back to the classroom this fall and features guidance from HSS pediatric orthopedic surgeon Emily R. Dodwell, MD, MPH, FRCSC, who also is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) “Prevent Injuries Across America” campaign.

Dr. Dodwell said, “With a focus on getting back in the classroom and returning to ‘normal,’ it's easy to overlook possible injuries caused by everyday school supplies. Backpacks might not seem that high on the list of safety hazards for children, but if too heavy or worn improperly, they can cause pain or injury to muscles and joints. Some potential problems could include wearing the backpack on only one shoulder, or a small child carrying heavy objects like a textbook, tablet or computer.”

The AAOS recommended lightweight backpacks with a waist or chest strap and two shoulder straps that are wide and padded and to use it correctly.

It is important to also keep an eye on children throughout the school year to ensure they aren’t struggling to put on or take it off their backpack. Dr. Dodwell advised, “If a child complains that his or her bag is too heavy or is hurting his or her back, it is a good idea to lighten the load or consider a wheeled backpack.”

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