17:41 PM

Award Winning Study: Novel System to Prevent Dislocation

Orthopedics This Week reports on HSS study findings published in The Bone & Joint Journal by Jonathan M. Vigdorchik, MD, hip and knee surgeon, and honored with the 2021 Otto Aufranc Award from The Hip Society.

The study represents the largest literature series evaluating the relationship between hip-spine pathology and the risk of dislocation after total hip arthroplasty (THA).

Dr. Vigdorchik explained, “The hip-spine relationship is currently the most important topic in hip replacement surgery and for the prevention of the most common complication of a hip replacement, dislocation.”

He continued, “Although hip replacement has been a tremendously successful procedure, certain patients are at higher risk than others for complications. We have begun to understand those risks, and to identify preoperatively how to do things differently during a hip replacement to avoid those risks and reduce the potential for complications.”

Furthermore Dr. Vigdorchik said, “Our goal was to simplify this problem so that the classification and treatment algorithm could be understood and implemented by all. It establishes four categories of patients, based on a radiographic analysis of two X-rays, and then depending on the category, establishes a recommendation for a particular hip replacement component position.”

On the results, Dr. Vigdorchik concluded, “Using the hip-spine classification, we were able to show a 99.2% survivorship free of dislocation in an otherwise high-risk group. In the highest risk group, those with a spinal deformity and stiff spine, we showed a significant reduction in dislocation rate compared to prior literature.”

He added, “Information is available today to simplify the understanding of the hip-spine relationship to help surgeons identify high-risk patients, and then guide surgeons on what to do differently during the operation to prevent risk.”

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