11:41 AM

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Lisa Valentine Clark, host of The Lisa Show, interviews HSS body mechanics coordinator, Jon Cinkay, PT, who discussed how to properly set up your at-home workstation.

Cinkay advised to sit in the neutral position, with your elbows bent at 90 degrees when your hands are at the keyboard, and to position the height of the computer screen to be at eye level. He emphasized the importance of listening to your body and to give yourself a break by moving around. “Everyone has to take stock of what they have at home. If you have an adjustable chair, fix the height - otherwise pillows will work. If you’re sitting in a chair and your feet don’t reach the floor, stack some books to keep your feet supported. But it’s really about getting up and moving. Don’t be lured by the comforts of your home,” Cinkay explained. “You should get up once an hour. Get something to eat or drink and then sit back down to reset your posture,” he added.

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