10:50 AM

Audio-Guided Runs Make Solo Miles More Fun

Runner’s World reports on how to make solo runs more enjoyable especially during the coronavirus pandemic. One way is audio-guided runs (ACR) which you can listen to right on your phone app.

“The small reminders that come from audio-guided runs can really pay off,” said Polly de Mille RN, MA, RCEP, CSCS, USAT, director of the Tisch Sports Performance Center at HSS, who added that these apps can cue you through workouts by managing your time so you are free to focus on just running.

“While the accountability is different when you know you’re meeting a group or friend, you have to zoom out and see the value of the activity on your own,” said Deborah N. Roche, PhD, sports psychologist at HSS, who explained the importance of exercise in order to clear your mind and reboot.

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