22:16 PM

Arthritis linked to sleep disruption

CBS News discusses the connection of arthritis and sleep disruption and features management tips from George Cyril, MD, FAAPMR, physiatrist at HSS.

Dr. Cyril explained, “Sleep is so important for people with arthritis because sleep can dictate how you interpret your pain. Poor sleep can cause a vicious cycle with your pain, like dropping your pain threshold.”

From a mental health perspective, Dr. Cyril continued, “Just like pain, sleep can have a direct effect on your pain and your mood, including depression and anxiety, and can create a vicious cycle. It is important to seek help if you have problems you cannot handle yourself.”

He recommended simple ways to try to reduce inflammation in the body, such as avoiding pro-inflammatory like refined sugars, getting moderate exercise and rest, and walking 20-30 minutes a day.

Dr. Cyril strongly advised getting into a routine before bedtime. “It is important to get a great routine with your sleep as far as your hygiene: get into a dark room of a temperature at 68-69 degrees, avoid screens 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Something that could help if you are having a lot of pain is to ice joints and stretch if you have a lot of tension.”

On losing mobility, Dr. Cyril said, “If you get poor sleep it spirals to point you can be disabled, and that happens in half the cases of arthritis.”

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