08:37 AM

Arthritis and Tendonitis: What’s the Difference?

CreakyJoints discusses the differences between arthritis and tendonitis according to experts including Dena Barsoum, MD, physiatrist at HSS.

Dr. Barsoum explained what to expect with a physical exam and that is important to pay attention to the specific location of pain. She said, “Tendonitis can happen almost anywhere in the body, but it often happens around the joints at the hip or in the hamstrings, shoulder, elbow, or around the foot and ankle.”

For tendonitis treatment, Dr. Barsoum advised caution with injectable corticosteroids. “We never want to inject steroids into a tendon because it can cause it to tear,” she noted.

Another newer treatment is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). “Tendons have a poor blood supply, so when a tendon gets injured, it tends to stay that way for a while. We don’t really know if PRP can heal a tear, but we do have evidence that it’s helpful for pain,” added Dr. Barsoum.

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