14:55 PM

An Orthopedic Surgeon Says the Best Sneakers for Your Knees Have These 2 Features

Well + Good highlights features your sneakers should have for knee health and support according to HSS foot and ankle surgeon Jensen Henry, MD

When it comes to sneaker shopping, how a new pair feels on your feet—roomy in the toes, sturdy in the arch—and whether they’re supportive enough of your ankles tend to be the primary boxes people want to tick off. 

What you may not realize, though, is that the structure of your shoes can affect parts of your body farther up, too, especially joints like your knees and hips. That's because they’re all connected, forming a kinetic chain that makes movement happen—something to keep in mind when shopping for the best sneakers for your knees.

Every time you take a step, many things are happening in your body to propel you forward, said. Dr. Henry. “Throughout the step, your hip muscles contract to stabilize your hip, your quads and hamstrings fire at specific times, and muscles in your lower leg activate in a chain of events,” she explained. Meanwhile, your knee mobility works to stabilize your center of gravity, decrease your energy expenditure, and absorb the shock of your heel striking the ground.

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