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Amid Opioid Crisis, A New Approach To Pain Management

To address the national opioid epidemic, NY1's health reporter Erin Billups reported that medical experts are offering alternative solutions for those with chronic back pain.

A pain management institution is conducting a clinical trial to evaluate a new spinal cord stimulator. According to the segment, this procedure provides relief by sending electrical waves throughout the spinal cord and blocking pain signals to the brain.

Billups interviewed HSS chief of Spine Service Frank Schwab, MD, who offered his perspective on spinal cord stimulation.

"Many patients come and are considering dorsal column stimulation in lieu of surgery, or in lieu of other treatments. But if there is a clearly diagnosed problem that can be treated or fixed definitively with another procedure, then I think that's probably a better approach."

This segment originally appeared at ny1.com. This aired during the January 3, 2018 broadcast.