13:42 PM

A Lesson in PT Therapy: Don’t Stop Doing What You Love

The BetterPT Blog reports the patient-PT [physical therapist] relationship is a two way street, and what has made the treatment journey a success for PT patient Mary Beth. “My therapist is knowledgeable and understands my goals,” cited Mary Beth. “She doesn’t tell me to stop what I love to do (in the past many have) but is putting together a challenging and safe program to get me ‘back on the box’ (and back up in a handstand against the wall),” she added.

The BetterPT Blog spoke to Allie Paul PT, DPT, physical therapist at HSS, and Mary Beth’s treatment provider, who explained, “A therapist needs to understand a patient's goals, optimize their strengths, point out their deficits, and be able to explain to them why those deficits matter, but more importantly how they are going to assist with improving them.”

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