10:02 AM

All-Star Care

Palm Beach Illustrated highlights 614 top doctors in their Physician Profiles 2020 list.

A feature on David W. Altchek, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS and founding medical director of HSS Florida, showcases his work with professional athletes as well as all active people.

The article states that Dr. Altchek modified the revolutionary Tommy John surgery with his "docking" technique that has become universally accepted by the medical community.

An avid golfer and cyclist himself, Dr. Altchek hopes to see more crossover between those who are athletic and those who want to stay fit. 

"It's not good for your body to be in the gym six days a week, pumping iron, nor is it good to play golf seven days a week without going to the gym to stretch and strengthen," he says.

This appeared in the April 2020 print issue.