07:00 AM

All in the Rheumatology Family

The Rheumatologist published a feature article on rheumatologists whose children followed in their footsteps to practice medicine and interviewed HSS rheumatologist Robert F. Spiera, MD, who was influenced by his father Harry Spiera, MD, to become a rheumatologist.

"My dad was the quintessential role model of a clinician-educator-scholar. I grew up seeing how taken he was with what he did, how good he was at what he did and how much he loved what he did," said Dr. Spiera.

According to the article, both father and son discussed cases together to improve patient care.

"There's a lot of evidence-based practice in rheumatology, as there is in other specialties. But there is also a lot of art to rheumatology. And my dad had such a huge clinical experience, seeing patients and not only really taking care of them, but really intimately, deeply caring about them. … He is a great sounding board," Dr. Spiera added.

Read the full article at the-rheumatologist.org.