15:58 PM

Aching Backs in Seniors: An Expert's Guide to Pain Meds

HealthDay reports a new research review published in the journal Drugs & Aging suggesting older adults can safely find relief with various medications and includes commentary from Robert S. Griffin, MD, PhD, anesthesiologist at HSS, who was not a part of the study.

For chronic pain, according to Dr. Griffin, “Physical therapy can be valuable for optimizing and maintaining function.”

Dr. Griffin reviewed the study findings and noted alternative options including trigger point injections, where medication is injected into painful "knots" in the muscles; radiofrequency ablation, where radio-wave heat is applied to specific nerve tissue, to decrease pain signals from that area; and acupuncture and meditation, which may help ease symptoms or provide help in coping with them.

He advised people to see a health care provider for a painful back or neck “anytime they feel help is needed.”

Dr. Griffin underscored that people should seek medical care right away if they have additional symptoms that could indicate a serious health condition. Those include limb weakness, changes in bladder or bowel function, fever or unexplained weight loss.

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