16:04 PM

Aaron Rodgers’s Season Is Over. What About His Career?

The Wall Street Journal reports on New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers season ending torn Achilles tendon injury and what is next for him in an interview with Andrew J. Elliott, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS. 

Aaron Rodgers was just a few minutes into his career as a New York Jet when he suffered one of the cruelest injuries in professional sports: a torn Achilles tendon. He’s done for the season before he ever completed a pass for his new club. But what about the rest of his career? 

Doctors are also in agreement that his recovery will be more difficult owing to the simple fact that he’s 39 years old. That may be relatively young for the general population, but it also makes him one of the oldest players in the NFL.

“Trying to get your muscle unit to come back is probably harder every year of your life,” said Dr. Elliott. “He’s not 30. He’s almost 40.”

“But you look at him,” Dr. Elliott added, “and he’s in great shape.”

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