15:57 PM

A Non-Opioid Way to Pain Relief After Knee, Shoulder Surgeries

HealthDay reports on recent pain relief studies suggesting there is a safer alternative to addictive opioid painkillers after knee and shoulder surgery, as both studies found a non-opioid regimen provided as much, if not more, pain control and satisfaction as opioids for the first 10 days after surgery.

According to HSS physiatrist and pain management specialist Faye Rim, MD, FAAPMR, who was not involved in the studies, the new approach dramatically cuts back on side effects and risks seen with opioids.

She continued, “While there are more medications to take with this approach compared to an opioid, there may be less adverse reactions such as constipation, nausea and over-sedation, and there is less concern for dependence or withdrawal symptoms when stopping these medications as well.”

This regimen could work for any painful procedure, Dr Rim added.

She underscored, “Patients must be in agreement and acknowledge the risks and benefits for a non-opioid protocol, and have realistic expectations for the postoperative period.”

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