11:52 AM

A New Minimally Invasive Surgical Option For Bunions

Autumn Years Magazine features a bylined article by Anne Holland Johnson, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS, about a new minimally invasive surgical option for bunions.

Dr. Johnson wrote the minimally invasive procedure can result in less pain following surgery, a quicker recovery and a faster return to activities. A special surgical tool called a burr allows the surgeon to make several tiny incisions of less than an eighth of an inch, as opposed to the two-inch-long incisions used in standard bunion surgery. With the tiny incisions there is less damage to the soft tissues in the foot, and that results in less pain after surgery. Those who undergo minimally invasive bunion surgery can start putting weight on the foot right after surgery, wearing a flat-soled surgical shoe for 4-6 weeks. Many but not all patients are candidates for the minimally invasive technique. Individuals with severe foot deformity or other major problems with their feet may require the standard open procedure.

Read the full article at Omagdigital.com beginning on page 18. This feature also appears in the Winter 2020/21 print edition.