17:35 PM

A Daily Stretching Routine for People Short on Time

TheHealthy reports on the importance of a daily stretching routine, and includes guidance from Chelsea Long MS, CSCS, exercise physiologist at HSS.

Long said that maintaining a regular stretching routine can increase your range of motion, warm you up for more intense exercise, and even stave off aches and pains. “Static stretching, when done consistently, increases flexibility and range of motion,” she noted.

Long explained that tightness and lack of range of motion in your joints can force you to compensate for that limited mobility, leading to stress and overuse of a different muscle or side of the body. A regular stretch session can support better movement patterns, which may help sidestep acute or chronic injuries.

She also recommended dynamic stretching, when you move in and out of a stretch, only pausing for a few seconds, because it can help increase body temperature, enhance blood flow, and get the body revved for more movement.

In addition to the physical benefits, stretching can also be meditative. “It’s a time to decompress and relax the body,” cited Long.

Overall, to see results, Long suggested consistency, which is why it is smart to get in a habit of doing daily stretches.

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