07:00 AM

A Call to Arms

Reporter Samantha Lefave writes on the importance of a strong upper body for runners in a feature story for Runner's World.

She reports that it can be easy for runners to neglect their arms and solely focus on training their legs - which can be a big mistake.

"Arm drive is a big part of running - when your legs get tired, you use your arms more because of the kinetic chain; you can't have one without the other," said Pamela Geisel, MS, CSCS, exercise physiologist at HSS.

Geisel explains that building a strong upper body will help you maintain good form as you get to the final miles in your run. Stable posture can increase your endurance as it improves your lung capacity.

If your goal is to achieve a personal record, then Geisel recommends saving the hard-core lifting for cross-training days so you can focus on getting in a quality, high-intensity run. Otherwise, you can schedule a short circuit of strength exercises pre-run.

A weight room may not be necessary, as your body weight can be more than enough, especially if you are new to strength-training. "I think it's the most beneficial to runners, too, because your body is what you're moving in space," added Geisel.

Read the full article at runnersworld.com. This article appeared in the March 2018 print edition.