20:48 PM

9 Things That Can Make Your PsA Pain Worse

HealthCentral discusses contributors that make Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) pain worse and how to find relief according to HSS rheumatologist Charis F. Meng, MD and others.

Dr. Meng underscored the importance of addressing other medical conditions. “It’s important to pay attention to these conditions, as they are significant contributors to the successful treatment of psoriatic arthritis [PsA].” What’s more, not treating other health concerns can make PsA pain worse.

Additionally, ecessive drinking can increase the risk of PsA as well as the pain. “Many medications used to treat PsA and its comorbidities predispose people to liver enzyme abnormalities,” explained Dr. Meng. “Drinking alcohol can exacerbate liver problems, which may then limit the use of the medications used to treat PsA, ultimately leading to more pain.”

“Stress can trigger an immune system response that increases inflammation, which is why stress can contribute to the symptoms in some people with psoriatic arthritis,” cited Dr. Meng. “If you are feeling stressed, it’s important to discuss this with your physician who can suggest things like diet changes, social support, and relaxation techniques to help.”

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