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9 of the best dynamic stretches to warm up with before a workout, according to personal trainers

INSIDER discusses the benefits of dynamic stretching, which is controlled stretching that moves parts of the body through their full range of motion. HSS physical therapist Leigh-Ann Bramble, PT, DPT, EdD, COMT, shared further insight that dynamic stretching promotes blood flow and prepares muscles and ligaments for exercise.

Bramble offered tips for starting dynamic stretching: if you are feeling stiff, take it slow and easy by focusing on smaller movements at first. “Remember speed is not the goal,” she said. Bramble also advised to adjust the stretches based on how your body feels.

Examples of dynamic stretches include: torso twist, walking lunges, leg swings, calf raises, standing hip circles, squats, arm circles, shoulder rolls and arm criss-cross.

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