17:59 PM

9 at-home exercises that may help relieve your long COVID symptoms

Fortune.com highlights suggested exercises to try at home by experts including HSS physical therapist Brianne Mooney PT, DPT, SFMA, to combat common long-COVID symptoms.

“When addressing long COVID, a person must have a comprehensive management plan from their medical provider focusing on improving physical, mental, and social well-being,” explained Mooney. For some patients, “physical therapy can be a vital part of that recovery plan.” 

To support the muscles that assist in breathing, Mooney recommended scapular retraction. This exercise also helps promote better posture. Additionally, while holding onto a supportive surface such as furniture, Mooney suggested trying a single leg stance to improve balance. To build strength needed for daily activities, Mooney recommended seated knee extensions, which focus on the muscles required for walking, stair climbing, sitting, and standing.

On managing fatigue: “It is important to listen to your body,” noted Mooney. If any of the above strategies make you feel worse, stop and tell your health care provider.

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