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8 Ways to Help Your Patients with Medication Costs

The Rheumatologist featured HSS rheumatologist Allan Gibofsky, MD, in an article about how to help patients with medication costs.

"Not infrequently, patients will ask if a drug is covered by their formulary. When I make a drug decision, I may find out from the patient or staff that the drug is not covered, and we then look to prescribe something else. Sometimes that's acceptable; sometimes it's problematic, and we have to go through the appeals process," said Dr. Gibofsky.

According to the article, rheumatologists have seen some patients use their prescribed drugs less frequently to lower costs.

"There's nothing more frustrating than that seesaw pattern. We often counsel patients that you may feel well, but that's not a reason to interrupt your medications. We may be able to do that on a formal basis, but I don't advise spacing out medications on an informal basis," Dr. Gibofsky noted.

Read the full article at the-rheumatologist.org.