11:16 AM

8 Stretches That Target RA Foot and Ankle Pain

Health Central discusses stretches that target RA foot and ankle pain in an interview with Nicola Banger, PT, OCS, MScPT, SFMA, CYA, physical therapist at HSS. 

If you’ve lived with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced discomfort or stiffness in your feet or ankles (or both). 

While it’s important to address treatment needs with your doctor first, “stretching can help maintain joint mobility and reduce stiffness and pain associated with RA,” said Banger

Talk with your doctor about how to incorporate stretching into your current treatment plan and decide how best to get started. If you’re brand-new to stretching, your doctor might recommend working with a physical therapist. And avoid stretching to the point of discomfort. “You should feel better after a good stretch, not worse,” advised Banger. If a stretch starts to hurt, that’s your sign to back off. Don’t forget that low-impact cardio (like walking, swimming, or bicycling) and resistance exercises are just as important. “Aerobic exercise supports cardiovascular health, while strengthening exercises build muscles to support, stabilize, and protect the joints,” explained Banger.

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