16:13 PM

8 best standing desks of 2021, according to experts

NBC News consults HSS physical therapist Erica Fritz Eannucci PT, DPT, OCS, CMP, SFMA, and others on the effects of poor ergonomics, and how a good ergonomic desk can encourage good sitting posture and easy alternating between sitting and standing.

“The effects of poor ergonomics, from slouching over your desk to prolonged periods of sitting, can lead to chronic pain and even hurt productivity,” explained Eannucci. “Our body conforms to our habits,” she continued. “If you tend to sit at a desk for most of the day, leaning forward to look at your screen, and then sit slouched on your couch with your neck bent down looking at your cell phone, you may find yourself in poor posture in most everything you do.”

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