15:46 PM

6 Types of Arthritis That Can Cause Back Pain

SELF.com highlights different types of arthritis that can cause back pain according to experts including Elizabeth Schulman, MD, rheumatologist at HSS. 

Throbbing from Axial spondyloarthritis tends to center on your lower back, and it might be worse during the night or when you first wake up because you’ve been lying still in bed for so long, said Dr. Schulman. Important to note: Some primary care docs can mistakenly believe people with nonradiographic axSpA have mechanical back pain. That’s because there’s often no visible damage to your spine with the condition when viewed on an X-ray, Dr. Schulman says, and you have to spot it through an MRI. A lot of the time it takes a rheumatologist trained in treating axSpA to recognize (and accurately test for) it, Dr. Schulman explained.

If you have psoriasis, there’s a roughly 30% chance you’ll also develop psoriatic arthritis (PsA)—and then have a 20% chance of having spinal issues that stem from it, Dr. Schulman said. Because PsA is an inflammatory condition, your immune system kicks into high gear, and your body might mistakenly attack healthy cells and tissues all over your body—and that includes your back. 

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