11:39 AM

6 Mental Tips to Get You Through Running Long Races, From a Sports Psychologist

Well + Good discusses mental tips for runners enduring a long race and includes guidance from Deborah N. Roche, PhD, sports psychologist at HSS.

Dr. Roche said, “Managing injury, stress, and anxiety — both during training and on race day — is key to one’s success.”

She continued, “The best advice I can recommend is to be flexible. While we may have a plan for training and race day, be willing to adjust.”

Dr. Roche suggested setting small goals to build to bigger ones. She explained, “If you are feeling fatigued early, focus on just getting to the next stop sign, and then pick another spot and focus on getting to that one — maybe it’s the fourth tree. By keeping the goals smaller, you will likely get through the rough patch, and you will feel [well enough] to pick up your pace later.”

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