17:26 PM

6 Health Benefits That Prove Golf Is Great Exercise for Your Body and Mind

Well + Good discusses the health benefits of golfing for exercise according to experts including Andrew Paul Creighton, DO, physiatrist at HSS.

Dr. Creighton said, “When golfing, you’re fully in tune with your body and how everything works together. A common misconception about golf is that it does not provide physical health benefits.”

He cited a 2016 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, noting “A scoping review found that golf provides moderate intensity physical activity, which is recommended to people of all ages for physical and mental health benefits.”

Dr. Creighton also advised golfers to be aware of potential injury when playing. “The most frequent cause of injury in amateur and professional golfers is volume of repetitive practice, and in amateur golfers this can sometimes be coupled with poor swing biomechanics.”

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