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6 exercises that can help with back, shoulder and hip pain

Today hosts Jordan D. Metzl, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS, live on-air to demonstrate six exercises to help with back, shoulder and hip pain.

Dr. Metzl remarks that most people search on the internet before going to a doctor, yet the information they find is only accurate 30 percent of the time. These exercises are easy ways to start treating your pain at home before you get to see a physician.

"Back pain is the most common orthopedic cause for people to miss work in the U.S.," says Dr. Metzl.

He demonstrates exercises to help alleviate back, shoulder and hip pain including: cactus stretch, pendulum, and an isometric bridge.

In the accompanying article, Dr. Metzl explains how "medicine is movement" and references multiple studies that have proven that people who move daily are healthier, happier and live longer lives.

Check out the article to see all stretches with explanations and photo demonstrations.

Read the article and watch the segment at TODAY.com.