17:27 PM

6 Causes of Knee Pain From Running—And How to Prevent and Treat It

Health Magazine explains the causes of knee pain from running and shares prevention and treatment strategies from experts including Sabrina M. Strickland, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS.

Dr. Strickland explained that with runner's knee, pain can be felt under the kneecap or at the front of the knee while running. “If it's a persistent issue, you might want to consider working with a physical therapist in order to address any muscle weaknesses—particularly in your hips,” she added.

Dr. Strickland also recommended pairing running with plenty of cross-training, stretching, and resistance training to support balanced muscles.

For patellar tendinitis, Dr. Strickland advised changing running shoes every 250 to 300 miles since worn-out shoes that no longer offer proper support can contribute to pain.

If knee pain persists, stop running. “If you are sore for a day or two as you ramp up your running program, that is fine, but joint pain is not normal,” said Dr. Strickland.

Swelling is another key indicator it’s time to see a professional, according to Dr. Strickland.

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