07:00 AM

5 Ways to Improve Your Shoulder Mobility

U.S. News & World Report featured HSS physical therapist Ioonna Felix, PT, DPT, OCS, in an article about how to improve shoulder mobility.

Felix pointed out that "a restriction in range of motion or mobility can potentially lead to stiffness in daily activities, inefficient movement patterns, decreased muscle strength and eventually overuse pain and injuries."

To improve shoulder mobility, Felix recommended performing exercises such as foam roller arm raises, shoulder squeezes and wall slides.

If someone experiences pain while exercising, Felix said "an assessment by a health care professional will determine the cause of any deficits and whether it's related to a posture or soft-tissue impairment or a pathoanatomical [diseased or damaged tissue] cause such as a rotator cuff tear."

Read the full article at health.usnews.com.