11:24 AM

5 Tips for Preventing Winter Injuries

American College of Surgeons reports on tips for preventing winter injuries according to experts including Todd J. Albert, MD, spine surgeon and surgeon-in-chief emeritus of HSS.

Many winter injuries can also happen from overusing neglected muscle groups while completing wintery tasks, such as shoveling snow or pushing a car if it experiences mechanical issues in the cold weather.  

“A lot of people can aggravate their backs and muscles from overusing muscles that they don’t normally use,” said Dr. Albert. “We see strain injuries from that kind of overuse.”  

One of the best ways to prevent these types of injuries or strains is to build a strong core by doing a mixture of cardiovascular and strength training exercises, including yoga or Pilates, at least three times per week.  A strong core can almost act as a brace to protect from more severe injuries.  

“I think doing all of those things together will both increase your bone density and balance to protect against injuries that occur more often in the winter,” Dr. Albert added.  

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