15:09 PM

4 Gentle Arthritis-Friendly Exercises to Do in Bed When You’re Fatigued or in a Flare

CreakyJoints features guidance from HSS experts about exercising while experiencing a flare or fatigue from inflammatory arthritis experts including Anna Balakrishnan, LMSW, social work coordinator, and Zachary Rogers, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, physical therapist, as part of a video series presented by the Inflammatory Arthritis Support and Education Program at HSS for the Latinx community in collaboration with CreakyJoints Español.

Balakrishnan explained, “In social work, we always think about meeting people where they are. In this case, it’s meeting yourself where you are — and being okay with starting there.”

Rogers shares steps for gentle mobility exercises that can be performed while lying down, including a side-to-side motion, clamshell, double-leg bridges and a knee pull.

According to Rogers, “Every patient knows their body best. If you’re having a flare-up and feeling more pain than you’re used to, but the pain is manageable and not sharp — then yes, you can continue to exercise.”

He said that if the flare is much higher than baseline discomfort — and/or the pain is sharp — then don’t push through it and exercise. In this case, monitor symptoms and reach out to a health care provider for guidance.

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