07:00 AM

318: Dr. Fritz Boettner: Total Hip Replacement

Healthy Wealthy & Smart interviewed HSS hip & knee surgeon Friedrich Boettner, MD in an online podcast about hip replacement surgery, where he discussed the differences between the anterior and posterior approach as well as patient rehabilitation.

Dr. Boettner explained the anterior approach goes through the front of the hip, and the posterior approach goes through the back. When deciding the appropriate approach, Dr. Boettner said he considers the patient's bone shape, weight distribution, and muscular stiffness levels.

He noted that the anterior method is more stable with the benefit of letting patients resume activities shortly after surgery, compared to prohibitions with a posterior approach.

However, Dr. Boettner said "there are certain patients that are better off with one approach over the other."

Once the surgery is complete, Dr. Boettner works with the patient's physical therapist to ensure a smooth recovery. He stressed the importance of letting patients take their time with exercises to prevent muscle damage and optimize surgical outcomes.

This podcast originally appeared at soundcloud.com.