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3 storylines to monitor with Orlando Magic’s wing options ahead of training camp

Orlando Sentinel discusses the treatment and recovery time of a torn meniscus with guidance from Tony Wanich, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, in wake of Orlando Magic Gary Harris’ injury.

Dr. Wanich said an arthroscopic meniscectomy isn’t an invasive procedure and involves “removing the torn or unstable portion of the meniscus (or cartilage).”

He explained, “Typical rehab/recovery is about six weeks for a full return to activity. The good thing about meniscus surgery is it’s not a very invasive procedure. After surgery, patients are able to move around right away but they’re limited as far as running or jumping usually for that first six weeks.”

Dr. Wanich said for the recovery and rehab from an arthroscopic meniscectomy, “The first thing we focus on during that recovery process is getting back full range of motion.”

He continued, “Any time you do any sort of knee/joint surgery, there’s a risk for scar tissue formation, which would lead to loss of motion and stiffness in the knee. Focusing on making sure they recover their range of motion is important.”

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