14:02 PM

20 Best Pillows to Support Your Aching Neck

SELF.com speaks to experts including Angelie Mascarinas, MD, physiatrist at HSS about the best pillows to help alleviate neck pain and get a good night's sleep. 

You might need to test out a couple of different pillows to get a clearer idea of what height is right for you, but you can start with a pillow that’s between four and five and a half inches high, explained Dr. Mascarinas. 

You’ll know you’ve found a pillow with a good firmness level when it allows you to relax your neck and shoulders without feeling like your head is sinking straight through it. Side sleepers  should look for a medium-firm pillow said Dr. Mascarinas. 

Contour pillows, which usually feature higher sides and an ergonomic dip in the middle, are marketed as a potential solution to neck pain, and Dr. Mascarinas recommends them for all types of sleepers. 

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