07:00 AM

1450 WCTC October 8, 2018

Bert Baron hosts Joshua S. Dines, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, live on-air to discuss youth sports injuries on 1450 WCTC.

Dr. Dines explains that sports have become year-round activities for young kids, leading to overuse injuries that didn't used to occur in the past in this age group. 

Bert and Dr. Dines discuss how young athletes are bouncing back after ACL tears as well as undergoing Tommy John surgery which used to only be performed in elite athletes.

"Over the last ten years, if you look at the data, probably a majority of them are being done in unfortunately not professionals but more teenagers", says Dr. Dines who explains that these ligaments are breaking down at an earlier age.

They also cover shoulder injuries which can be separations or dislocations (usually in football, lacrosse and hockey), as well as overuse injuries such as in baseball players or swimmers.

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