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13 Best Shoes to Support Flat Feet, According to Experts

Good Housekeeping reports on the best shoes for people with flat fit according to experts including Kristina Quirolgico, M.D, physiatrist at HSS. Whether you're spending most of your time standing, walking or running, wearing ill-fitting shoes when you have flat feet can not only result in chafing, bunions and foot pain, it can even increase your risk of long-term injuries. 

"Wearing improper shoes can lead to plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and bursitis, as well as pain in the knees, hips and back," said Dr. Quirolgico.

Dr. Quirolgico explained ways to help determine if you have flat feet: 

  • After showering, examine the imprint of your wet foot on the floor. A lack of imprint in the inside arch area indicates a normal arch. However, if the entire foot is imprinted, you likely have flat feet.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and observe your feet. If the inner arch touches the floor, you have flat feet.

"Identifying high arches is trickier compared to normal arches," Dr. Quirolgico explained. "However, if your arch height remains consistent when sitting and standing, you may have high arches." In such cases, you should seek shoes designed for high arches rather than those recommended in this article, which cater to low arches.

It's crucial to find shoes that provide proper cushioning and support for your arches. "You want to look for an arch in the shoe that corresponds to where your inner arch is," said Dr. Quirolgico. "It'll often look like a slight incline in the sole." 

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