18:54 PM

12 Ways to Make Getting Dressed with Arthritis a Whole Lot Easier

CreakyJoints features tips to make getting dressed easier for patients with arthritis according to experts including HSS physical therapist James Gallegro PT, DScPT, MSPT, CMP, OCS, CSCS.

In general, you’re going to have a harder time with stiffer or tighter clothing that’s tough to pull up over or slide your legs and arms through, explained Gallegro, suggesting to opt for clothing made of soft stretchy fabric.

Gallegro advised to take advantage of dressing aids. “There is no shame in using devices that make your life easier,” he noted. “It takes initiative to manage your condition and get the help you need to cut off the frustration on top of the pain and stiffness.” In addition to searching the internet, he recommended checking medical supply websites to uncover even more helpful gadgets and dressing aids that may be covered by your insurance.

Safety is key, so you want to put yourself in a position where you can maintain your balance and move with purpose. Gallegro recommended sitting down when putting on pants and shoes. “It might take a little extra time,” he cited, “but you’ll have success in a much more organized way instead of feeling like you are losing your balance when you put your leg in your pants or stumbling because you couldn’t get your shoe on.”

Gallegro also advised to allocate enough time to get dressed to prevent the added frustration that can result from being rushed, stretch and move for a half hour to loosen stiff joints in the morning, and ask for help when you need a hand.

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