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11 Exercises to Fast-Track Your Healing After a Hip Replacement

Livestrong discusses the benefits of exercising to support a successful recovery after a hip replacement with guidance from HSS experts including Michael P. Ast, MD, hip and knee surgeon, and Erica Fritz Eannucci, PT, DPT, OCS, CMP, SFMA, physical therapist.

According to Dr. Ast, “One of the keys to recovery from hip replacement surgery is getting up, walking and being active. Since your hip can be sore and sometimes even painful, you rely more on your core and upper body to help you get around.”

He added, “Exercise in one form or another starts right away. Usually these are very simple exercises meant to get your hip moving and begin your recovery. The most important exercise to do during that time is simply walking.”. The goal is to gradually increase your physical activity post-surgery.

Dr. Ast advised doing hip replacement post-op exercises that target the glute muscles that surround and stabilize the hips. These exercises work to restore joint mobility and stability.

Eannucci recommended a series of four exercises alongside video demonstrations for strengthening glutes and improving hip flexibility, doing 3 sets of 10 reps per exercise three times a day for the first four weeks post-op. (Before incorporating these recommendations, make sure you talk to your doctor and/or physical therapist about the best hip replacement exercises for you.)

She said a ‘sit to stand’ exercise “builds strength to do this activity while strengthening your thigh and buttock muscles.”

Eannucci noted a ‘bent knee fall out’ exercise works hip rotation. “Hip rotation is a motion that typically is lost due to hip arthritis. People find they can't put their shoes on and off, for example, as a result. This exercise is recommended to help improve hip rotation flexibility.”

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