20:52 PM

10 Strategies For a Faster 5K

MyFitnessPal discusses strategies for running a faster 5K according to HSS exercise physiologist Pamela Geisel MS, CSCS, and others.

Just because you’re working toward a speed goal doesn’t mean faster is always better in your workouts, explained Geisel. “Before any training workout, remind yourself what the purpose of the workout is,” she suggested. “Are you just building endurance with some easy paced miles? Are you doing a tempo run and focusing on settling into the uncomfortable? Are you focusing on form during hill repeats? Or are you hitting time splits in 800m repeats? This will help guide your pacing and will help prevent overtraining and burnout.”

Tracking your runs with a running watch or app is a great way to gauge your progress. But sometimes, runners get too bogged down in the details of their pace. Geisel recommended occasionally doing training runs where you don’t check in on your pace or splits until after you’ve completed your session. “This will help you become even more in tune with your body, which is an asset when it comes to time goals,” she noted.

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