17:25 PM

10 Expert Tips for Running with Asthma

The Mother Runner's speaks to David A. Wang, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS Paramus on tips for running with asthma. 

If your symptoms aren’t managed, running with asthma can be difficult and even life-threatening. Running with asthma can make it hard to breathe so that your body isn’t getting enough oxygen to your working heart and muscles. 

But if running can trigger asthma, how can you run with the condition? “You need to take precautions and have an asthma action plan,” said Dr. Wang. "I think the most important thing for people who want to run with asthma is that their asthma at baseline should be under good control,” he advised. “In addition, any person running with asthma should always have a rescue inhaler available and be sure to have an action plan prepared.”

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