07:00 AM

You Have A Torn ACL: Now What?

Brookfield Daily Voice featured a bylined article by HSS sports medicine surgeon Moira M. McCarthy, MD, who explained how to manage a torn ACL.

"Right from the start, you should get a proper evaluation by a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon. The doctor will assess swelling, range of motion, pain locations and knee joint stability by conducting specific physical exam maneuvers," wrote Dr. McCarthy.

After a diagnosis, Dr. McCarthy noted that most people begin physical therapy to decrease swelling and improve range of motion.

According to Dr. McCarthy, a decision is made to pursue surgical or nonsurgical treatment after a few weeks of physical therapy.  

"You should consider surgery if you are young, athletic, play a high-risk sport (cutting and pivoting sports) and have any further episodes of 'giving way' following the initial injury," she added.

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