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Yoga and Lupus: Properly Done Movements Could Be Beneficial for Mind and Body

MedPage Todayreports that yoga poses can impact quality of life for lupus patients based on a new study.

Cara Ann Senicola PT, DPT, OCS, USATF-L1, CYT, board certified orthopedic specialist at HSS, explains that not all yoga classes are the same and all teachers don’t have the same expertise.

"If patients are just starting a yoga practice, [they should] contact the studio they are looking to go to and ask if there is a teacher who is aware of how to modify classes for individuals who might not be able to perform all poses in class," she says, adding that it might be best to avoid heated rooms which may worsen symptoms.

"It is becoming more prevalent to have healthcare practitioners who are physical therapists, occupational therapists, RNs, MDs, and yoga teachers," Senicola says. "These individuals have a unique understanding of how lupus works and how to protect your body while going through the class."

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