11:24 AM

Workout S.O.S.! Relief for 7 Common Exercise Pains

SilverSneakers explains relief tips for common exercise pains such as side stiches and muscle cramps according to experts including Heidi Prather, DO, physiatrist at HSS.

“When we are asking a muscle to do more than it’s capable of doing from a strength or endurance standpoint, muscle cramps can happen,” explained Dr. Prather. “When it gets hot and humid, you can get behind on taking in enough fluids and also experience cramps.”

According to Dr. Prather, “muscle cramps generally aren’t concerning, unless you notice them happening more often, more intensely, and disrupt your normal daily activity or wake you up repeatedly at night.” Then, it is best to consult a physician.

To prevent muscle cramps, Dr. Prather recommended easing into activities by taking a short walk then stretching the warmed-up muscles.

For sudden joint pain, the first course of action is to take a load off the joint, apply ice, and try compression with a sock, ace bandage, or sleeve, said Dr. Prather. She added, “If you have sudden onset joint pain because you overdid things, once you tend to it, your body will start to heal."

She underscored the need to seek medical help if there is swelling or redness, feeling of weakness or instability in the joint or if weight cannot be put on the joint without pain.

For a racing heart, Dr. Prather suggested wearing a fitness watch that provides feedback on your heart rate, so you know what’s normal for you. “It helps you feel safe because you know your body,” she added.

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